raffaello eroico

Raffaello EROICO

Born in Naples, lives and works in Toulouse - France

"After training as a graphic designer first, then working 10 years as a photographer, I started my research randomly throughout the contemporary art’s overview. Together with the practice of graphic, photography and design, I focused on painting as the ultimate media, 
Since 2004 inspired by the painterly language of the baroque age (probably due to the influence of my Neapolitan roots), I’m committed to a researched balance between traditional, modern and contemporary values.
My approach strives towards a representation. in which the energy of the painting makes icons.
These pictures must harmonize classic sternness and formal innovations of modernism, in order to achieve a work whose worth is not merely due to a chronological classification, nor to a particular reference. 

Solo exhibitions

2019    "Quel che é stato, é, sarà" - Palazzo Fondi - Napoli (Italy) a cura di Maria Savarese
2015    "Les chants du sang" - Maison de la santé - Toulouse (France)
2014   "Burning in an uranic river"  DA WANG Culture Highland - Shenzhen (China) 
2013   "MMXIII - Peintures Kontemporaines OU PAS"  Mix'art Myrys, Toulouse - (France) 
2011    "onzeonzeonze - Mix'art Myrys, Toulouse (France) 
2010    "Hypocrìta" Segni d'arte - Verucchio (Italy) 
2005    "BESTIA - AshesToAshes painting cycle preview" Neoartgallery, Rome (Italy) 
2004    "Incerte rotte" Neoartgallery - Roma (Italy) 
2003    "aov#nap - AltrovunqueNapoli" - Ambulacro di San Domenico Maggiore , Naples (Italy)                2003    "Ambulantra Seconda" Teatro Verdi - Benevento (Italy) 
1999    "Farfalle Notturne Su Fari Veloci" 3sei5 - Rimini  (Italy) 
1995   "Reverie" Galleria Edison, - Firenze (Italy) 
1994   "DiConsumateForme" Spazio Einaudi, Grosseto (Italy) 

Group exhibitions

2018    "Interno femminile" OnArt  Firenze (Italy)
2004    "La gabbia della fantasia"   Pennabilli (Italy) 
2004    "Three days before"   Neoartgallery, Rome (Italy) 
1998    "C'era una volta il futuro"   Musei di Porta Romana – Milano  (Italy) 
1995   "Percorsi d'arte"  "Il cannocchiale" gallery, Milan (Italy)    

Public Art projects

1996 AndanteConMoto (design) “Graphic modular decoration system”: patent acquired by Ceramiche Omega SpA for its production, then exhibited at the CERSAIE 1996 (International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile ), Bologna (Italy)


2008 Work selected and published in the international competition “Celeste Prize 2008”
2004 Work selected and published in the international competition “Celeste Prize 2004”
2002 Work selected and published in the international competition announced by Ente Cassa di Faetano, Repubblica di San Marino (RSM)

Artist residencies

2014 Da Wang Culture Highland - Shenzhen - China
2011-2014 Mixart Myrys - Toulouse - France